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Automation based on your CRM data

By automating your emails and SMS send-outs, you can work more proactively and create unique journeys for your customers, leads and contacts. Nurture your relationships and engage with your potential customers to get better quality leads. Send updates, monthly news and offers to build happier and more long-lasting customer relationships.

Stop wasting your time on repetitive tasks and spend more time on developing new ideas, boosting productivity, and improving your marketing campaigns. Set up an automated flow once – and it’s like having an additional marketeer on your team. Easy to use with drag-and-drop makes it a breeze to adjust your send-outs straight away.

  1. Define the automation trigger: What activity should lead the contacts to your automated flow? A trigger is based on a specific event in your CRM system, for example, allowing you to automatically reach out to customers with a declining sales trend or communicate with new customers through an Onboarding Flow.
  2. Create a flow scheme: Build a communication flow with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop method and select participant properties for each flow. Based on how the participant interacts, you can send relevant, customizable e-mails and SMS at the right time. 
  3. Enjoy automation: Once it’s all set up, the work of manual campaign management is automated afterward.  Your flow scheme will take care of the participants, making sure the send-outs are always precise and relevant. 

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