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Upgrade your marketing with CRM

Save time and pinpoint the marketing efforts that make a true impact by upgrading your marketing game. A seamless connection with data in Lime CRM allows you to interact and grow with your audience – building a bridge between marketing and sales.

Showcase the power of inbound marketing by acquiring more high quality leads. Collect lead information data to Lime CRM with user-friendly lead forms, and keep the conversation going with personalised messages through marketing automation. 

Explore features

Create specific and great-looking marketing campaigns with Newsletter. This tool helps you get in touch with the right person at the right time.

With the Event add-on, it’s easy to create perfect registration pages for your events. They are obviously linked to your marketing activities in Lime CRM.

 With Automated Flows you can take your communication to new heights by ensuring your target audience gets a personalized experience. Automatically.


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