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This Cookie policy (“Cookie Policy“) describes how Lime Technologies and its subsidiaries (“the Company“, “us“, “we“) use cookies, web-beacons and similar technologies (“Cookies“) in order to collect and store information when you visit one of our websites:,,,, and (the “Website“). The purpose of this Cookie Policy is for the Company to be transparent regarding how we use Cookies and your data, so that you have enough knowledge to make an informed decision on whether or not you want to consent to our use of Cookies.

1. Summary

When you visit or interact with the Website, the Company, or the partners we have approved, use Cookies to store information in order for you to have a better, faster and more secure experience, for the collection of statistics and for marketing purposes.

This Cookie Policy aims to help you understand more regarding this technology and our use of it on the Website. In this section you can read a short summary of our use of Cookies. You can also read more detailed information regarding our use of Cookies further down in this Cookie Policy.

Our Cookies have different scopes of use. They are needed either for the functionality and improvement of our services, give you an extra functionality or for us to direct relevant and adjusted advertisements to you. We also use different types of Cookies; such Cookies that only stays on your computer, mobile phone or tablet (“Unit“) as long as your browser remains active (session cookies) and such Cookies that will stay on your Unit during a longer period of time (permanent cookies). When you give your consent to us placing Cookies, you give your permission to our use of the information collected in connection to the placing of Cookies. You can choose to only approve of certain types of Cookies.

We use physical, technical, and organisational security measures to prevent unauthorized processing, including but not limited to unauthorized access, use, loss, deleting or damage of the personal data collected through our Cookies. These security measures are adjusted to the amount and the sensitivity of the collected personal data. A unique identifier ensures that only we, and/or the partners we have approved, have access to such information collected using Cookies.

Our partners are companies that helps us with different parts of our business, for example management of the Website, the provision of services, applications, advertisements etc. These partners can also place Cookies at your Unit through our services (“Third-Party Cookies“). They can also collect information for the identification of your Unit, for example IP-address or other unique identifiers for units.

A Cookie is a passive software-file which consists of letters and numbers which the Website requests to save at your Unit and which collects data. Cookies cannot spread viruses or other harmful programs. Cookies are used, amongst other things, for you to have a possibility to use the services at the Website, make it possible to trace your use of the Website, save information registered by you or to remember your preferences, for example your language settings. Cookies will not register who you are or where you live, but they can tell us which websites you have visited on your Unit. We can combine this information with your other data that we have access to.

There are different types of Cookies:

(i)             Session Cookies: These Cookie are temporarily stored at your Unit when you visit our Website and are removed when you close your browser.

(ii)            Permanent Cookies: These Cookies remain at your Unit until they are no longer valid, alternatively until you remove them yourself.

The two types of Cookies mentioned above can be separated into two categories; (i) First- Party Cookies that are placed at your Unit by us as owners of the Website when you use our Website and (ii) Third-Party Cookies that are used for the collection of information regarding advertisements and customized content, and for statistics, and are placed at your Unit by our partners when you use our Website. When you receive advertisements regarding a product you earlier has searched for, it is because of Third-Party Cookies. These Third-Party Cookies are placed by another website, belonging to our partners, and gives an image of your online habits. It is possible for you to block this category of Cookies in your browser by making an individual setting in your Unit if you do not wish to consent to the placing of Third-Party Cookies.

3. Why do we use Cookies?

We use Cookies to make the Website simpler and more secure for you to use, to gather information on how you use our Website and for the improvement of the services we offer you. We also use Cookies for marketing purposes, and we can then share information with the companies we collaborate with. 

4. How do we process personal data?

In some cases, our use of Cookies includes processing of personal data. In these situations, we follow our principles for processing of personal data, which you can read more about in our Privacy Statement.

The legal basis for our processing of your personal data through the use of Cookies consists of your consent, which we gather from you when you accept the use of Cookies in our cookie banner at our Website. Your consent is not needed for the use of such Cookies that are necessary for us to provide you with the services that you have explicitly demanded. Instead, our legal basis for the processing of the personal data collected by these Cookies is our legitimate interest of securing the correct technical functionality, access and use of the Website and of giving you the services explicitly demanded by you.

In some cases, we use data processors to help us with statistics, analysis, and marketing. When we share your personal data with these data processors, the data will be used for the same purposes for which it was collected by us. When we transfer your personal data to a data processor located outside of the EU/EEA, we set out appropriate security measures and agreements to ensure that the transfer is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We store information about you that we receive from the Cookies up to one year after the last activity. Cookies placed by our partners via our Website are not administered by us but by the partners – you can read more about how you take part of their cookie policies under Section 6 below.

5. What categories of Cookies do we use?

We have categorized our Cookies in four different categories. You can consent to all Cookies or only to certain categories of Cookies. When you consent to a certain category, you accept the use of all Cookies in that category. Below, you can read more about the different categories of Cookies used by us and how we use the collected data.

Necessary Cookies

These Cookies are placed at you Unit to make our Website work, by activating basic functionalities. Most times, they are only used when you use a function at the Website which needs an answer, for example when you set your choices regarding Cookies or login to the Website. These Cookies also make it possible to navigate between different pages, set your personal preferences such as language and to give you access to secure areas of the Website. These Cookies are necessary for the functionality of the Website and you cannot dismiss these Cookies when you use our Website. These Cookies do not store any personal or identifiable information.

Preference Cookies  

These Cookies help the Website to offer you a better functionality and personal adjustments. For example, these Cookies are used to remember what choices you have made earlier when using our services (such as language settings and pre-filled out information for logging in). These Cookies can be placed by us or by a partner whose services are used at our Website. If you do not consent to these Cookies, some, or all, of these services might not work correctly. This category can include Third-Party Cookies. You can choose to dismiss these Cookies in the cookie banner.

Cookies for Statistics

These Cookies allow us to count the number of visits and to know how you found our Website. They help us to know what sites are popular and how visitors navigate at the Website, for us to gather statistics and improve how the content is presented at the Website. The information collected by these Cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymized. This category can include Third-Party Cookies. You can choose to dismiss these Cookies in the cookie banner.

Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies allow you to be tracked at our Website. The purpose is to show you adds that are relevant and engaging to you. They also make it possible to show you social media content, such as for example embedded videos. Marketing Cookies can affect the content and messages that you can see at other websites you visit. Third-Party Cookies are used for these functions. You can choose to dismiss Marketing Cookies in the cookie banner.

Uncategorized Cookies

In our cookie banner, there is a category called “Uncategorized Cookies”. These are Cookies which we have not yet put in a category. We regularly go through these Cookies and sort the Cookies into one of the categories above.

6. Third-Party Cookies

Some of the Cookies activated at your Unit when you visit our Website, and gives your consent to the use of Cookies, are owned by our partners and consists of so-called Third-Party Cookies. These partners help us to transmit relevant and adjusted marketing when you visit the websites of the partners. The partners can use your data collected by their Cookies for other purposes than the purposes decided by us, and if you consent to these Cookies, the cookie policies and privacy policies of each partner shall apply. You can find a link to each partner?s policies in our list over Cookies, please see Section 5 in this Cookie Policy. Our joint controllership with these partners for the processing of personal data means that we continue to be responsible for our partners if they process data for us, but that they are data controllers for processing they do for other purposes than the purposes decided by us. You can read more about how our partners makes a difference between our joint controllership and their own responsibility as data controllers at the website of each partner.

We need your consent to place Cookies at your Unit, regardless of whether the Cookies used at our Website processes your personal data or not. You leave your consent to this use by accepting all Cookies or certain categories of Cookies in the cookie banner shown when you enter the Website. You can also change your consent later by clicking the symbol to the left side of the Website. However, you cannot dismiss necessary Cookies that are needed for certain services to function.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. See Section 8 below for information on how you withdraw your consent.

8. How do I remove or manage Cookies?

It is possible for you to refrain from giving your consent to Cookies (except for necessary Cookies) and to withdraw your consent. You can refrain or withdraw by changing your settings for consent in the cookie banner. Please note that changed Cookie settings will enter into force starting from when you have completed the change. Information collected earlier via Cookies will therefore not be affected.

If you want to withdraw your consent, you can click the symbol on the left side of the Website. You will then be shown your current Cookie settings and are able to change your consent.

To manage your cookie consent click here

Possible changes of how we use Cookies will be published here and, if necessary, information will be provided at our Website.

10. Contact details

Should you have any questions or opinions regarding our Cookie Policy and/or processing of personal data, you are most welcome to contact us at the following e-mail address:


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