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30 years’ experience of CRM development.

Our local experts will guide you in the right direction.

We execute hundreds of implementations every year. We have seen it all.

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A comprehensive picture of your business

Gather contacts, history, to-do-lists and everything else you need for your daily work. With smart integrations to your other systems, duplicate work will be avoided and you will instead gain a comprehensive picture of customers, projects, deals and other important stuff.

Our systems

...with your unique twist!

Are you looking for a CRM system and a helpdesk? Visual sales control? Workorders? Real estate ledgers? A flexible CRM system must include exactly what you need – and no useless junk.

More about CRM

”Something I really appreciate with Lime CRM is that it is easy to use and that it’s flexible to adapt to how we are changing. The fact that we utilize 90% of the system is proof of this. My experience from systems I’ve used in the past is that we might have utilized about 10%.”

Andy Clark, Group Commercial Excellence Manager, Unilabs

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Looking for a boring IT supplier? Look elsewhere.

At Lime, we love customer care, sales and case management! With a healthy dose of cheekiness, we deliver user-friendly systems that make your workday both easier and more fun.

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