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Unique is standard

Do you also want a CRM system that works specifically for you? With three CRM systems in our portfolio we know that we have something for everyone. Should you not find exactly what you want – then we’ll solve that for you!

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We’ll take care of everything. All the way!

CRM should be simple. That’s when it creates customer magnets. We help you all the way.


We develop, sell, implement and support everything ourselves and help you through every stage of your entire CRM journey.

25 years of experience

Do we even have to mention that our 25 years within CRM benefit you as customer? We have seen it all and learned a lot. Use it!

Market leading

In 2015, we became market-leading in CRM in Sweden. That was the first time our marketing manager cried at the office. Now we are conquering the Nordic countries!

Support without queuing

Who wants to listen to elevator music or torment themselves with pressing 1, 2 or 3 several times before getting an actual person on the line? With Lime, you’ll get to talk to us – right away.

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There are many reasons to love CRM. Here are some…

Many associate CRM with everything from computer systems to sales strategies to customer support, analysis and reports. For us and our customers, it’s an overall solution: an inspiring and profitable philosophy combined with truly smart technology from Lime.

Customers shop with their hearts, not their brains.

When there is little difference between your company and the competitor, the customer’s decision is based on emotions. Be easy to deal with, and you become the natural choice.

Customers talk – a lot.

Today it’s incredibly easy to spread both positive and negative customer experiences. Make sure that you get the positive reviews! There are few things that are as valuable as customers recommending you to others.

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It costs 5 times more to pursue new customers than to retain your existing ones.

Get your customers to stay and buy even more from you. It is a lot cheaper than constantly finding new customers because your old ones are leaving you.

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