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Know what to build

Why data is more important now than ever

How do you best navigate ahead as a property developer? By giving the market what it wants, of course. Keeping track of your data makes it easier to get a better idea of the future.

Data as a guide to successful projects  

Data is something everyone has, but not everyone uses. By systematically collecting and analysing your data, you will be able to identify patterns and trends that can guide your future project planning. This could be anything from requested sustainability features to architectural preferences. 

If your data reveals a gap between what you offer and what the market wants, you can make smart decisions about your future projects and optimise them to meet the needs you have identified.  

Matching with prospects

A database can also effectively help you match past prospects with future projects, drastically reducing the resources that would otherwise be spent on finding new prospects.

Engage with communication

Data also provides you with greater opportunities for effective communication strategies. Segment your data to create personalised mailings, and use marketing automation tools for recurring communications – with minimal effort.

This strategy not only keeps your target audience informed but also creates a deeper connection, increasing loyalty in a competitive market.

Customer case

What might this look like in reality? We have described how fictional property developer Dreambuilders Estate works with their data to know what to build, understand their target audience and create an engaging communication strategy.

We love data

We know what a difference structured data can make, especially when you work with people and need more than an excel sheet to get an overview of all the different parameters that we humans consist of. That’s why we have developed a completely unique solution for your industry in Lime CRM, that supports your specific workflows.

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