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Become more successful with marketing segmentation

In today’s tough business climate, it’s important to understand your customers and their needs to have continuous success with your marketing. Mass marketing tactics aren’t as effective as they used to be since they don’t meet most customers’ demands and needs. That’s why it’s important to understand why segmentation of your customer data is an important tool for your marketing, and how it can affect your business in a positive way.

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What is marketing segmentation?

Marketing segmentation is a strategy you can use to identify different types of customers and reach them with marketing relevant to their needs. The segmentation can be done with criteria such as company size, yearly turnover, geographic location, type of business or any other alternative, it all depends on what you want to achieve with your segmentation. No matter if your company is a B2C company or a B2B company, you’ll be able to use segmentation for your marketing, and the same customer can be part of multiple segments at the same time. By understanding what makes every segment unique, it’ll be easier to send out relevant information and marketing to the customers, which can increase your revenue and the engagement you get from your customers.

Why should you segment your marketing?

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, businesses that have a personal communication with their customers have a 76% increased chance that the customer will make a purchase from them. Out of those 76%, 78% of the customers will also be more inclined to make an additional purchase at the same company if they continue having personal communication with them. The report also says that out of the total surveyed, 76% of respondents feels frustration when marketing isn’t personal. In other words, it’s not hard to understand why marketing segmentation is important for your company!

By understanding and gaining insights into what different customer segments you have at your company, it’ll become easier to create personal marketing for your customers. Segmentation makes it possible for you to identify the customers that are most valuable to your company and prioritize the segments that will give you the best ROI on your work.

A CRM system makes marketing segmentation easy

Now that you know what benefits there is to marketing segmentation, it’s important to understand how a CRM system helps with segmentation. With a CRM system it’s easy to collect and organize large amounts of customer data, which gives you insight into your customers behaviors, preferences, buying history and all the interactions that they’ve had with your company during their customer journey. Having access to all this information is important so you’ll be able to segment your customers the right way. Here are some examples on how a CRM system can help you with your segmentation:

All your data in one place: A CRM system works as a central storage for all your customer data. With Lime CRM you’ll be able to collect and save information from multiple sources, such as all the customers interactions on your website, their buying history or all the support tickets they’ve ever had with your company. When you have access to all the interactions your customers do with your company, it’ll become easier to find patterns that you can use when your segmenting your data.

Automated segmentation: A CRM system makes the segmentation process easier by automatically pulling the needed data depending on what criteria is put into the system. This lowers the need for manual labor and increases the accuracy of the results. You can easily segment your customer base in a flexible and dynamic manner, right in the system.

Measurable results: For your marketing segmentation to be effective, it needs to be measured. In most modern CRM systems, you’ll be able to easily get reports on the different segmentations you have and their performance. Lime BI is an addon for Lime CRM that can generate complete reports and visual dashboards. It’s a tool that helps you sort out what’s important from all the available information you have access to, and from that information take decisions based on your actual data. All the interactions your customers have had with your company is also feed back into your CRM system, which means you’ll continuously improve your data for your marketing segmentation.

Marketing segmentation lets you grow faster

It’s not hard to understand why marketing segmentation is an important strategy to use for your company to be able to grow faster and become more successful. By segmenting your different customers into segments, you’ll be able to adapt your marketing for their needs, creating more satisfied customers and increase your revenue.

Lime CRM is an important and powerful tool that helps you segment your data in a fast and efficient way. Not only does it help you with your marketing segmentation, it’s also a complete tool to handle all your customer interaction, help you with customer prospecting, sales and marketing strategies and provides you with great solutions for your customer support among many other things.

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