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Anything that involves a multi-step process is perfectly suited to be visualised with the Status Flow Component. Support gets a clear overview of their support cases, the project team has full control of their cycles, the admissions department can easily follow student applications and the salespeople never miss a step in their sales processes. The applications are many!

The Status Flow Component can be described as a chain of events that visually makes it easier to follow a process. By adding different functions, you can make the complicated less complicated.

  • Guiding text Do you have a complicated process? No worries! Just add a detailed explanation to each step.
  • Linking dates Each step can have a date to clarify the timeframe.
  • Icons & colours Make the card more fun with different colours and icons.
  • Exclude steps Some steps are not always part of the flow and can be put outside the process, such as “on hold” or “denied”.
  • Initiate to activity When the status changes, e.g. a dialogue box can be opened where the user can provide additional information.

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