Zapier makes most other systems run seamlessly with Lime CRM. Use Zapier for things like:

  • Tickets are generated in Lime CRM based on Zendesk chats.
  • Sync event registrations from Google Forms in Lime CRM.
  • Generate leads in Lime CRM based on Apsis conversations.

The connection between your services work the other way as well. Obviously! Use triggers in Lime CRM for things like:

  • Send out e-mails/Slack messages when a deal registers as a done deal in Lime CRM.
  • Add new activities to your Trello board in Lime CRM.
  • Sync your campaign participants in Lime CRM using newsletters in Mailchimp.

Simply put, Zapier creates triggers in software A, which leads to a specific action in software B. So-called “Zaps” – the actual connection between the triggers and the actions – are then used. Well, enough about the tech stuff – you mainly need a Zapier account and then we’ll do the rest for you!

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