Shorten your sales cycles

The moment you get the long-awaited “yes” from a customer, launch the e-signing process directly in Lime CRM and seamlessly move to Scrive for signing. Monitor the signing process in real time and get notifications as soon as a contract is received, viewed, or signed. As soon as the contract is signed by all parties, it’s automatically saved in Lime CRM. Could it be any easier?

  • Manage your contracts from one place
  • Sign documents from any object in Lime CRM
  • Track and monitor the status of the signing process
  • Securely authenticate your signing parties using trusted vendors: BankID, MitID, FTN, iDIN, Verimi
  • Signed documents are saved to the originating object in Lime CRM

Make sure that only authorised people can access and sign your contracts. Securely identify the signing parties with a seamless PIN by SMS authentication. In need of an extra layer of security? Let the signees identify themselves using BankID or any of the many eIDs that Scrive supports.

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