No doubt, every business process involves an investment of both time and commitment. However, we believe the signing itself should be one of the most simplified ones. Using e-signing, you send documents and agreements directly via your CRM system. You are then notified as soon as the recipient has signed them.

Keeping all documents, notes and events in one place is a given for all converted CRM users. When you use e-signing, your agreements are no exception, but a logical part of how customer data should be managed. E-signing ensures that critical information doesn’t fall between the cracks, and it paves the way for good customer relationships.

With Lime eSign, you can easily control in which order the document should be signed. This means that documents are not sent for signing until the ones in previous steps have completed the signing. Minimizing unnecessary e-mails being sent and streamlining the process!

  • Upload your documents to Lime CRM and select ‘sending for signature’.
  • Change or add information to the email that will be sent to the recipient of the document.
  • Send it to one or several recipients at the same time.
  • Signed documents are automatically saved in Lime CRM.
  • The signing party gets a copy of the signed document

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