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In a decision-making role, you will always be up to date on how you and your team are performing. You can read below about how Lime BI is used in various roles.

Whether you are a CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director or something else, you will benefit greatly from Lime BI. Design dashboards relevant for your current business situation. This could be for the whole company or for specific departments or customers.

Most of us agree that the best decisions are based on facts, rather than assumptions. With Lime BI, you have full insight into KPIs and critical numbers, and you can easily detect where corrective actions are required. Utilise the information you already have access to in Lime CRM and package it in a format that adds value.

What is the average deal worth? Which activities do we invest the most resources in? What parameters influence each other? With Lime BI, you can easily ask questions to your CRM data and discover business-critical insights. On demand and visually presented for quick follow-up.

  • Inquire – Lime BI is connected to Lime CRM, allowing you to retrieve answers from your data in CRM.
  • Visualise – An inquiry can be visualised in different ways and saved in widgets.
  • Get answers – Based on selected widgets, you can design and display unique dashboards in Lime CRM, on intranet, or even on TV monitors around the office.

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