Communicate effectively

Your campaign results will come straight into Lime CRM without you lifting a finger. Do you wish to send new emails to people who didn’t open your first email? Easy peasy! Check which recipients opened the mailing and which didn’t.

Lime Newsletter can be so much more than an email – or it can be only an email. In other words, you select the features that are important in your customer communications.

  • Create newsletters and email campaigns
  • Automate communications – add traditional mailings
  • Add the SMS feature to quickly distribute information and reminders

The reason we developed the Lime Survey function is to allow you to drill a little deeper. Ask questions and design surveys for a better understanding of your customers and their experiences.

Newsletter goes hand in hand with Lime Event – a great advantage for anyone who wants to create registration pages and invitations in one and the same system.

Generate high quality leads, manage campaigns and build relationships with a bundle of features developed for marketing teams. Discover more marketing solutions here!

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