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Live docs

All you have to do is click on the file in the CRM and you’ll go straight to Word, Excel or Powerpoint online. Make your changes and you’re done! Are you often on the move? No problem! Log in via your phone or tablet and the documents will open in your Microsoft Office app, if it’s installed.

Choose whether you want to download a document or view it directly in your browser. Live docs supports most file types and you can even read email files on iOS, even though iOS does not have built-in support for email files.

With only one click you can convert the document into a PDF file. Your quote is ready to go! Maybe with E-sign?

Just hit “Share” when viewing the file and send the link to anyone at the company. Collaboration shouldn’t stop where CRM ends.

Are you several colleagues who need to access a document at the same time? With Live docs, you don’t have to worry about the file being locked by someone else. Instead you can see your colleagues typing in the document while you work on it. If something is accidentally deleted, you can easily rewind the file. You have full control over all versions of a document and can see who edited what and when.

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