Maybe you are planning a sales tour and want to know which of your A customers are on the road? Or are you planning a service round and want to know where your machines are located? No problem, get a geographical overview of where your customers are with Maps directly in Lime CRM. Make sure you spend time in the areas that generate the most value and reduce time on the road.

The list of benefits when using Maps in Lime CRM can be extensive. We have to tell you about some more ways:

  • Are you arranging an event for your customers? Locate the best possible spot to make it convenient for as many attendees as possible.
  • Are you free after finishing a meeting or work order? Identify other clients in the area.
  • If you’re planning to open a new store, office or distribution centre, explore your CRM data to discover the region with the most promising customer base.
  • Need to understand the geography of your customers’ ongoing problem? Display active cases of a certain type on the map to gain insight.
  • Planning a service tour? Efficiently schedule the tour while travelling to a specific part of the country.
  • Do you have a delivery and need to ensure availability? Use street view and get a good picture of the actual surroundings.

And the best thing; You can do all this without having to leave the Lime CRM interface.

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