A new way to build customer relationships

No matter if you’re contacted through a live chat on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS, all incoming messages are gathered in one inbox – Live chat.

Make it easy between you, your customers, and potential leads to initiate contact by adding a live chat on your website. The live chat

  • Microphone: You, or your contact, can record voice messages when you don’t find the time for typing.
  • Media Support: Send files, URL previews, and more to provide a seamless interaction.
  • Emojis: Regular updates with all the latest favorites for easy-going conversations. 👍

The messaging center is the hub for providing service to your customers through chat and messaging. For you, the interface looks the same, whether your customer sends a message via your website, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp – as all messages land in your inbox in the messaging center.

Save chat transcripts and attachments to Lime CRM and automatically identify the person and company you’re chatting with. By having all the information in one place you can provide faster, and more accurate help to existing customers or potential leads.

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