Experience the power of spot-on CRM

Lime CRM comes with powerful features for handling your entire customer journey. Configurable and expandable to suit your unique needs.


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    Your CRM, your way

    Tailor Lime CRM to fit your needs through the use of smart features for structuring your data and processes

    • Filter sets

      Save time by not having to create the same search repeatedly by using the power of filter sets. Quickly filter your data and save the filter set for easy access next time you need it.

    • Import & export

      Get up and running in minutes by importing the data you need. If you need to, you can easily export data in various formats directly from the table view.

    • Variants

      Customize your CRM cards to display only relevant information for each record, accommodating different variants for support tickets or deals, ensuring each card shows precisely what is necessary and nothing more.

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    Teamwork makes dreamwork

    Collaboration is key to excel in customer relationships and Lime CRM gives you the power you need

    • Work Order

      Elevate operational efficiency with intuitive work order management on both web and mobile. This solution enhances planning, timekeeping, and logistics, ideal for sectors like real estate and energy, revolutionizing your workflow management.

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    Reach prospects and customers where they are

    Whether it being through email, SMS or chat, Lime CRM assist you in communicating effectively – regardless of channel

    • Web Forms

      Streamline processes with a user-friendly tool for creating webforms for tasks like ticket and leads management or contract signing. Create, customize and publish your form and gather all data neatly in Lime CRM, making information management, and tracking simpler.

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    • SMS

      Enhance your customer engagement and relationship building by sending personalized, targeted SMS messages. Ensuring your customers receive relevant and timely information, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    • Inbox

      Simplify customer service by efficiently managing multiple inboxes, automatically generating responses to incoming emails, and seamlessly creating tickets in Lime CRM. This reduces administrative work and cuts the risk of losing emails, laying the groundwork for top-notch customer support and…

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    • Communication Flow

      Speed and agility are key when it comes to customer service. Get a quick overview and manage all your customer communications straight in Lime CRM. All messages are collected and clearly arranged, giving you a faster overview and smoother ticket…

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    Improve efficiency with automation capabilities

    Enhance efficiency and productivity throughout the entire customer journey using automation features.

    • CPQ

      Streamline your sales processes with error-free, professional quotes generated in just a few minutes.

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    Expand Lime CRM with powerful customization & integration tools

    Build custom integrations and powerful workflows for an even more tailored experience

    Get insights

    Turn data to insights

    Elevate your customer data to insights and take data-driven decisions in every step in the customer journey

    • Activity Matrix

      Get quick insight into whether efforts are being spent on the right potential customers in the right segment using the Activity Matrix.

      Learn more: Activity Matrix
    • Aggregated data

      Unlock comprehensive insights with Aggregates for Lime CRM, effortlessly pulling data from tabs like History and Invoices into a user-friendly table view, enabling easy tracking of customer engagement, meetings, sales pipeline, and more without needing any coding skills.

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    Enhanced protection and effortless compliance

    Utilize flexible hosting, precise access controls, streamlined single sign-on, and GDPR compliance for a secure, efficient CRM experience.

    Explore integrations

    • Hemnet

      Maximize your real estate listings’ impact with the integration to Hemnet, Sweden’s leading property portal. Effortlessly publish and manage your properties, with automatic updates and customizable features, ensuring your listings are always current and captivating.

    • nps.today

      Elevate customer loyalty management with nps.today, a fully integrated NPS solution for Lime CRM. Automate satisfaction surveys, gain insights into customer experiences, and respond swiftly to NPS ratings, all within one seamless system, enhancing sales, service, and marketing efforts.

      Read more: nps.today
    • Telavox

      Transform your call management with Telavox integration in Lime CRM, automatically displaying relevant contact information for incoming calls and enabling direct outgoing calls from Lime CRM.

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    • Proff

      Accelerate customer discovery with Proff in Lime CRM, providing quick, direct access to company information in Europe, simplifying your prospecting process.

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