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We’ve built Lime Go with thoughtful and powerful features and integrations to take your sales process to the next level.


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    Customer care

    Create structure and keep promises

    Use Lime Go smart features for structuring your data and processes

    • Adaptable start page and views

      Tailor your dashboard to display what matters to you. Customize your start page to either a simple CRM layout or a comprehensive 360-degree overview, allowing you to delve into details based on your specific requirements.

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    Discover and attract new customers

    Enhance efficiency and find new customers easy

    Company data

    Make data-driven decisions

    Utilize company data for informed decision-making


    Maximize your sales

    Improve your sales efficiency and close more deals faster

    • Sales targets and KPIs

      Set clear goals. Monitor the progress and facilitate coaching effortlessly using the goal sorter. Enhance goal tracking by easily visualizing the expected goal level based on the number of working days.

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    Find your ideal customers

    Centralize sales and marketing efforts for streamlined customer outreach

    • Lead records

      Find all your leads from the website, newsletter, or other sources directly in your Lead records. Use the history notes to create lists and act.

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    Team collaboration

    Coworker transparency and efficiency

    Enhance transparency and efficiency among coworkers to improve collaboration

    • Internal follow flow

      Stay updated on your teammates’ activities by utilizing the internal Twitter feed within Go. Follow different items to receive notifications right on the home page, enhancing communication and collaboration.

    • Mail add-in

      Centralize all emails in one place. Save mail content and attachments directly into Lime Go using the Mail add-in. This streamlines processes, reduces personal dependence, and enhances transparency across departments, ensuring efficient tracking and storage of important information.

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