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Working with lead generation should be at the heart of your growth marketing strategy, no matter whether you’re building a B2B or B2C brand. Your website is a key resource that you can use to promote interest in your products or services, and more importantly, capture contact details about people who are interested in what you do! A powerful lead generation process includes different ways for a visitor to convert (by taking an action) on your website.

Acquiring great leads has never been more important to growth than it is now. In this article, we review four ways that you can generate more leads from your website.

Get the Most Out of your Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating compelling and valuable content that piques the interest of your audience. No matter whether your marketing team is aligned around a clear strategy or your team produces a few blogs throughout the year, all content that’s relevant for your ideal customer should be used to the fullest. A great way to maximize content on your website is to ask your visitor to fill out a form in order to access an eBook, webinar, or other piece of content. This approach involves “gated content” and essentially creates a deal between you and your now-lead: you provide valuable content and your lead is open to sharing some information with you.

Fun fact: If you’re using Lime Forms, you can create lead forms that blend into your website and motivate prospects to take action. Once you’ve captured lead information and synced it to your CRM, marketing and sales can develop the relationship further. Keep in mind that collecting lead information also enables you to deliver automated, personalized communications to a lead through marketing automation.

Capture Details through Live Chat

Integrating a live chat experience into your homepage can open the door to acquire lots of new leads. Picture this: a website visitor is learning about your product offering and has a question about how delivery works. Without having to leave the page, your visitor is able to ask a question through an interactive live chat, start a conversation with someone on your team, and then get straight back to browsing your website.

If you are already managing prospect relationships in a CRM-system, you can ideally store both the dialogue and contact details of your prospect in order to develop the relationship. For example, Lime Chat is a messaging tool for live chat that also syncs with Lime CRM.

Create Buzz about Upcoming Events

A great way to generate leads is through events marketing. If your marketing or sales team is organizing events, an eye-catching event registration form can be used to capture leads directly from your website. A benefit of hosting events is that the person who signs up is expressing genuine interest in what you are offering. Attending an event takes time, so you can be sure that someone who is giving their time to join your event is truly interested in the value you’re offering!

An event also doubles as a great resource for content marketing. Once you’ve hosted a webinar or another digital event, you can offer the recording on your website in exchange for some contact information as a way to meet new leads (gated content).

Promote your Monthly Newsletter

Building your email list is a fantastic way to diversify your lead generation efforts – it’s also easy to get started! Unlike events marketing or content marketing that first require creating content, capturing subscriber information simply requires a form to start. Some visitors might not be ready to submit a “contact me” form, but would like to learn more about your products or services on their own time. To incentivize more sign-ups, you can publicize a discount or a special offering that is only available to new subscribers.

If you’re ready to begin generating leads through a newsletter, aim to keep the sign-up form short and sweet: you can simply collect email addresses to get started. As a best practice, you will want to include your sign-up form at the very bottom of your webpage. A location in the footer is great because a viewer will have scrolled through a full webpage before reaching it. This means that a person has probably developed an interest in your company while scrolling, and will be more likely to sign-up to your newsletter (rather than if the form was located before the main webpage content).

If growing your monthly newsletter list is on your agenda, make sure you check out this blog post to learn more about email marketing.

Converting Website Visitors is Just the Beginning

Last but not least, once you are generating interest and collecting leads, the next step in the process is to handle your leads with care. For example, even though a new subscriber to your newsletter is a lead for your marketing team to qualify, subscribers often need more nurturing and attention from you before they convert. A marketing-friendly CRM system can simplify and automate parts of this process for you and ensure great leads don’t slip through the cracks.

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