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6 reasons to consider Lime Chat as your next investment for boosting customer relationships

What is Lime Chat?

First things first, what are we even talking about here? Lime Chat is our brand-new integration for creating and nurturing customer relationships across different messaging channels. The add-on offers both website messaging for your website and messaging solutions through your customer’s favorite channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. All these messages are gathered in one inbox and seamlessly integrated in your Lime CRM. Simple, smart, and direct!

Lime chat is all about maintaining your customer relationships and taking it one step further by personalizing the messaging experience. As you know, closing a deal often requires more than a phone call and having an ongoing conversation will improve your chances to get there. Now, enough about the functionality, although we could gladly go on about it forever. What’s in it for you?

6 Reasons why extending your CRM with messaging and chat will boost your customer relations

1. No waiting times

A 2013 survey conducted by ResearchNow showed that people spend an average of 43 days on hold in their lifetime. Half of the survey participants disclosed that they spent 10-20 minutes per week on hold. This response was very poor, considering sales leads are lost if they don’t receive a response after the first five minutes.

Live chat doesn’t waste any time. A chat box appears in the corner of the web page offering the visitor to receive quick help and eliminating the need to search the site for a phone number or email address. Meanwhile, you will be able to log the conversation in Lime CRM and easily track what has been said, done and promised.

2. 24/7 availability

Live chat has the option to not be limited by business hours or bogged down with backlogged requests. Customers frequently have inquiries or problems outside of normal working hours, and live chat lets them submit a request even when an agent is not available. If you’re unable to monitor your chat all night, then switching to offline mode will forward customer inquiries via email.

3. Sales boost

Physical stores have employees assisting customers daily for a reason: People need help while shopping. Live chat agents, available in the customers’ favorite channels, are the web’s shop assistants. As we know, the B2B customer nowadays enter a purchase process with equal expectations as the B2C dito, why you must greet them with a personal experience. The ability to instantly lead a customer through a sale increases revenue and creates a positive brand impression. Virgin Airlines released a case study showing a 3.5 times increase in their conversion rate for people who used live chat and a 15% higher average order value versus those who didn’t.

4. Customer anonymity

Pew Research Center reported that 86% of users have taken steps towards online anonymity by deleting their cookies, encrypting their email, and even avoiding using their name.

Most live chats don’t require an email address, phone number, or even a name to function, so users don’t have to forfeit their identity when chatting with an agent. This doesn’t mean, however, that a business is unable to gather important data from their chat interactions. Further, for the established customer who reaches out to receive help from the support, won’t have to submit much of their data either, as the agent could easily access information about the case just based on a few details.

5. Immediate documentation

Spoken instructions can easily be forgotten and customers grow tired of being handed over to multiple agents only to have to explain their issue again.
Live chat has the benefit of keeping a chat log that can be seamlessly forwarded to multiple agents without sacrificing the customer’s patience. The transcript then serves as a searchable point of reference just in case either party confronts the issue again.

6. A modern support channel

Customers use a variety of channels to stay connected in their private life, from social media to instant messaging. They have built a dependency on the Internet to give them what they need when they need it. Businesses keep up with this constantly evolving climate by making themselves available via live chat.

According to a 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey , customers want to be treated like people, not case numbers. 98% percent of respondents admitted that they try to bypass Interactive Voice Response Systems to reach an agent, and 59% of customers said being treated as an individual was more important than having their issue resolved quickly.

Unlike phone, email, and social networks, live chat offers a fine blend of speed and personalization. Companies can now focus on helping their customer directly from their website. It’s a win-win for all.


The proof is in the statistics: People expect a faster, efficient, personalized way to resolve their issues and ask questions. Live chat not only delivers, but it’s redefining customer service as a whole and creating lasting trusting relationships between a business and its customers.

Turn instant chats into long-term customers with Lime Chat, the natural addition to your CRM system and the most enjoyable way for your customers to reach you.

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