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How to find the right CRM for the real estate industry

Well, it can be. If you dont have an amazing CRM system that holds everything together, creating a userfriendly platform for your company. From your perspective you’ll handle everything related to customer care in one platform.

Easy to use, overview and customise. At least that’s how it works if you choose Lime CRM.

Industry-specific solution

Its essential that you find a CRM system that suits your specific needs. Our recommendation is that you look for a vendor that offers an industry-specific solution. That way you’ll get a pre-packaged CRM system as a foundation, with the specific tools your industry needs based on your unique challenges, risks and success factors.

With that in place, you are on the right track to becoming a more modern company that truly puts the customer first.

Ask yourself

Before you start looking for the right CRM, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are our goals?
  • What tools do we need to get there?
  • What are the challenges and processes of our daily work?
  • Which features and tools are most important to us? Write these down on a requirement list.
  • Which features are less important, but still valuable? Write these on a wish list.
  • Don’t forget to talk to different departments in the company, to gather everyone’s needs and wishes.

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Ask the market

So, do you have a requirement list and a wish list all set? Then you are ready to investigate the market. Here are the questions you should ask when exploring the range of CRM systems.

  1. Getting started – how long will it take?
    Cloud-based solutions are quicker to set up than on-premises, so look for that.
  2. Is it easy to use?
    User friendliness is something that many CRM developers put a lot of emphasis on. But different systems may run more or less smoothly with your particular industry’s workflow. Book a demo to see how the flow works in reality.
  3. Is it scalable?
    As you expect your business to continue to grow, it’s important to choose a CRM that scales easily. Our best tip: Start with a slimmed down solution and scale up as you require!
  4. What’s the price?
    Many solutions offer all or nothing. In reality, this often means you’re using around 30% – but paying for 100%. So look for someone who truly understands your industry, and can offer exactly what you need. Of course with the freedom to tailor to your unique requirements.
  5. What integrations are available?
    Choose a CRM with a large library of integrations, so you easily sync with other tools and services you use, such as tenant-apps, property systems and finance systems.
  6. What features and add-ons are available?
    Do the built-in features meet your industry-specific needs, such as different channels for customer communication and targeted mailings, e-sign, ad publishing, work orders, and so on.
  7. How does it work on a smartphone?
    A CRM should be easy to work in even on the go. Perhaps you need to quickly access customer data, handle work orders on the go or manage rentals directly on your mobile? Find out which CRM will be most useful in your daily routines.
  8. What about support?
    Are there multiple communication options so you can choose the channel and time that suits you? Do they manage it themselves or is it managed by a third party? If they do it themselves, it usually means more responsibility on the part of the company.
  9. Is the interface attractive? 
    It’s okay to be superficial: look for a CRM that appeals to you visually. That will make it easier to learn the system, get an overview of your KPIs and analyse your data. 

So, what can Lime offer?

Industry experts that knows your needs

Choose Lime and you get a tailor-made solution for the real estate industry. This means you get exactly what you need, and avoid a system that feels unmanageable – and you also avoid paying for features you don’t even use.

By using our experience and industry expertise, we’ve developed a wide variety of the features you need. We’d love to show you how your work can be easier and more profitable. Just book a demo and we will do the rest!

“We can see that the quality of our cases is higher now than before. Now, the right information is available from the start, which also means we can use our data in Lime CRM in the long term to gain experience for new projects.”

Jens Ekelund Rosberg, Business and Operations Manager, Veidekke

Together we make it easy and profitable

Our customers appreciate that Lime is quick to deploy, with a cloud-based solution and a user-friendly interface. We’re with you from start to finish and beyond, managing the entire process ourselves: from sales and implementation to support and customer success. With all the standard integrations your competitors demand. Is there anything you’re missing? Ask us and we’ll find a solution!

“With Lime CRM we save an incredible amount of time on everything from send-outs and reporting to standard information retrieval. We are working a lot more efficiently now.”

Hanna af Sandeberg, Real estate developer, Fabege

Motivational problem? 

Did you know that challenges in a CRM implementation are 85% about behaviour and processes, i.e. the people who will use the system and not the technology itself? This is the exact reason why we offer you workshops in change management with Lime Intenz. Our consultants will help you build a strategy and action plan for a successful corporate culture, proactive sales culture and good leadership.

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