So, who is Lime, really?

With nearly 250 co-workers and over 60 000 users, we are one of the Nordic region’s leading CRM providers. After 25 years in the industry, we dare to say that we know just about everything there is to know about CRM.

Get to know our Lime crew

What we stand for

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of CRM systems in the Nordic countries by providing systems that facilitate our clients’ work as well as make it more fun. In short – we make businesses into customer magnets.

Comprehensive solutions

We are a one-stop-shop for CRM. We develop, sell, implement and support everything ourselves and help you throughout your entire CRM project.


Because we have all expertise in-house, we are fast-paced and flexible towards our customers. Feel free to challenge us!


We are passionate about CRM and we know that a great provider improves people’s everyday lives and the businesses’ results. It makes us proud!

The story of Lime

A glimpse of our everyday lives

Our employees are not only diligent at work, but also in social media. Are you interested in knowing how everyday Lime looks, please check us out onInstagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Our partners

No company is an island, and despite doing a lot ourselves, we also have some great partners.

Our offices

St Lars väg 46
+46 46-270 48 00

Lilla Torget 5
+46 31-712 44 00

Kungsbroplan 1
08-562 77 600

Annankatu 27
+358 753 252 960

 Købmagergade 67
+45 89 88 70 80

Inkognitogata 33
+47 21 61 17 10