The city where it all started back in 1990. Then: in a basement and on a meagre pasta diet. Now: more than one hundred CRM-crazy people in an old hospital for the mentally ill, where staff bring in homemade cookies for Friday “fika” (coffee break with something sweet). The greenery around the old hospital brainwashes everyone to love (lime) green even more.

Two brown haired guys with glasses smiling towards the camera while getting photobombed in the background by a brown haired girl also wearing glasses A brown haired guy Three people posing towards the camera while one is trying to work all are wearing party hats Lime Technologies office in Lund


Since the Stockholm office opened in year 2000, the traditions from Lund have been swapped for trends in the capital, such as AW and bubbles. Modesty is mixed with provocations like “this is the best office” and the hunt for the best week – these are all constantly present themes at this office, located smack in the middle of the Kungsbroplan square.

Four guys smiling towards the camera on a gold course Dark haired guy sitting on a low chair trying to type on his keyboard that is placed on People standing in the nature posing for a photo Lime Technologies office in Stockholm Sweden


The ping-pong balls are flying at low altitude in the entrance and victory roars are mixed with vengeful looks during the breaks. Recurring happenings are Friday burgers and Wednesday quizzes: which day that is best for a visit is up to you! The magnificent view of the parade street Avenyn is, however, an everyday feature. 

A guy smiling slightly towards the camera with a blue background Lime Technologies employees taking Yoga lessons together The Lime Technologies office in Stockholm A girl that works on Lime Technologies taking care of the plants


From a first class locationbetween the Swedish Embassy and the Royal Palace – customer love is spread out all over the Norwegian mountains and fjords. In this office you need to be alert; lofty goals, ping-pong balls and DnD dice can all come whizzing by! 

Lime Technologies office in Oslo A green marzipan cake where it says we made it! gdpr 2018 People standing on a terrasse Two brown haired guys smiling towards the camera with Christmas shirts one that is green and one that is red


The first office was launched in Bisnodes broom cupboard in 2010. Today, however, everyone is able to stretch out their legs in the heart of Helsinki. Swedish royals are paving the way for those needing to powder their noses, and the Swedish “fika” culture has got a twist of Finnish melancholy.

Two smiling guys in Lime green jumpsuits standing behind a large amount of green buckets Lime Technologies office in Helsingfors Finland Two guys standing back to back with arms crossed and smiling with headsets on blonde girl smiling with a yellow background


The location on Kultovet square means everyone here has developed amazing skills in “zigzagging-forward-through-hordes-of-tourists”. The typical Danish smørrebrød lunch is complimented with the tones from the Queen’s Orchestra, which regularly pass by the office.

Girl with dark hair putting up a post it note on a white board Brown haired girl smiling well dressed People sitting outside a bar smiling and drinking Lime Technologies office in Copenhagen Denmark


Feel the breath of history and maybe a slight scent of smoke as you enter the old stock exchange, Börshuset, which survived the city fire in 1869. Once the northernmost commodity exchange in Europe, now Limes most northenly located office in Sweden. The sound of ancient calculating machines is nowadays replaced with the clattering from keybords.

Several people smiling while climbing in a net and swinging Three guys sitting in a couch Guy with a hat and beard sitting down and smiling Lime Technologies office in Gävle


The city that is said to be one of the happiest in the world, we dare say, just got even better since Lime Technologies moved in! In addition to an interest for sticky Stroopwafels, the Dutch team has an undeniable passion for CRM. With the vision of soon becoming as hyped in the continental market as we have long been up in the North, our local experts are already claiming the title of “Lime’s most hungry office”.


Congratulations, Cologne! As well as medieval origins and an enviable business culture, the city can now boast the first Lime office in Germany. Here, our CRM enthusiasts will strive side by side with our friends over at Userlike, to ensure that customer experience exceeds expectations. When it comes to tourist attractions, it’s no contest as the city’s architecture is a clear winner, over the system architecture in Lime CRM. However, when it comes to attracting customers, Lime is always the right destination.