No wonder companies are trying to figure out the perfect time to contact potential and existing customers. Mastering the art of timing will not only increase your chance to strike a deal with potential customers or upsell to existing ones. It will also make your work a whole lot more efficient and leaves you time to achieve other things. So, what does the research show? Below you’ll find some valuable insights.

Sending emails: mornings, afternoons and mid-week

CoSchedule has summarised ten different surveys on email marketing and found that the best times to schedule your email marketing are:

  • Weekdays in the order of: Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday.
  • Hours of the day: There is no magic hour, although mornings and afternoons are recommended.

When you are about to send out an email to a prospect or customer and want to boost the chance for it being read, make sure to send it on a Tuesday morning or a Tuesday afternoon. You obviously cannot restrict you email correspondence to just one day of the week. Just try to avoid Mondays and Fridays, and don’t send out emails when the customer is likely to have their lunch break.

Making calls: Mornings and afternoons mid-week

A traditional phone call has many advantages when you want to communicate with potential and existing customers. A phone call has a personal touch, and it gives you the opportunity to discuss and respond to complex queries much faster than possible in an email conversation. However, a phone call can be disruptive to the one you’re calling and to be successful you need to have the other party’s full attention. That’s why timing is critical.

Salesmate has done a survey to find out the best days and times for a successful sales call:

  • Weekdays in the order of: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays.
  • Hour of the day in the order of: 4-5pm, 10-11am and 3-4pm.

So, to increase the chance that the person you call will pick up and spend time talking to you, you should call them on a Wednesday between 4–5pm. If possible, avoid making calls on Fridays between noon-3pm as well as after 5pm.

Tip! There is one exception to the rules above. That’s if you have received a lead to contact. The change of the lead picking up your call drops by as much as 11 times after an hour. So, if you get a lead via your website or support team, call the lead as soon as possible regardless of the time or the day!

Closing deals: Consider Fridays an opportunity

The best thing about sales is winning and closing deals. How do you improve your chances of closing more deals, though? Apart from rock solid sales efforts, statistics show that there are some weekdays when you’re more likely to get deals sealed.

A significant number of deals are signed on Wednesdays; however, this may be because that’s the day of the week when sales reps are most active with their sales calls, mailings and meetings. No wonder more deals are closed when you really put in the extra effort – right?

Having said that, big data shows that Fridays are actually the day with the highest conversion rate in most countries. So, if you have a big drop in your activity levels on Fridays, simply because you think the chance of closing a deal isn’t particular high – well, think again! Although Fridays are less ideal for prospecting, they are actually perfect for nurturing existing sales discussions and even to seal that deal that’s been dragging on for a while.

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