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When the membership register goes off the rails

Working in a membership organisation has its challenges. Thousands of tasks need to be handled accurately and efficiently, while internal resources are often limited. In addition, members have high expectations in terms of service and communication. Do you know yourself? With Lime CRM you get a modern membership register and campaign support.

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Lime CRM for member organisations

Register of members with search

Get an overview and eliminate time-consuming routines - in Lime CRM you have all member information together and searchable. Of course, you can also apply various filters and segment your data.

Membership service

Connect your telephone exchange, your function mailboxes and the contact forms on your website with Lime CRM. Now you’re able to handle all member matters professionally and efficiently.

The membership experience

Let members update their information directly in Lime CRM, via My Pages (or similar). It saves both time and provides a modern member experience.

Communicate with your members

Exhibitions, information mailings, lectures and much more - Lime CRM lets you manage all your campaigns. Measure results and prioritise the efforts that deliver the most satisfaction/most new members.

No more ”blah, blah, blah”?

Create a modern member communication with targeted and relevant campaigns. Lime CRM with Newsletter add-on makes it easy to create niche recipient/participant lists and to communicate the right thing to the right member or customer. So you don’t become a boring chatterbox.

Lime Newsletter
The Add on Lime Newsletter used in mobile

"Lime CRM provides a user-friendly information hub, where all essential information is gathered. In one click, the employee gets an overview of whether the company is a member, contacts, roles, ongoing cases, dialogues and marketing activities."

- Malin Johansson, Head of Communications German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Become the next member of the Lime family

A few hundred members or hundreds of thousands? Companies or individuals? We’ve delivered CRM solutions to many types of membership organisations over the years. These include Unionen, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KFO. Now we want to help you.

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