Data driven sales CRM

Lime Go

fr 39 €

Per month and user. Minimum 3 users.

For you that wants to:

  • Save time targeting new customers
  • Pick and choose from a database with 3.7 million Nordic companies directly in the system
  • Visualise your sales pipeline
  • Create visually appealing emails
  • Make decisions based on data
  • Integrate with other IT tools
  • Get started quickly
Complete CRM

Lime CRM

fr 59 €

Per month and user. Minimum 10 users.

For you that wants to:

  • Gather customer information, deals and campaigns in one place
  • Nurture long-term customer relationships
  • Scale and customise the system to your processes and complex flows
  • Let sales, marketing and support work in the same system
  • Follow up KPIs with statistics and reports
  • Add extra features and integrate with other IT systems

Valued by +80 000 users

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