Data driven sales CRM

Lime Go

fr 40 €

Per month and user. Minimum 3 users.

For you that wants to:

  • Save time targeting new customers
  • Pick and choose from a database with 3.7 million Nordic companies directly in the system
  • Visualise your sales pipeline
  • Create visually appealing emails
  • Make decisions based on data
  • Integrate with other IT tools
  • Get started quickly
Complete CRM

Lime CRM

fr 65 €

Per month and user. Minimum 10 users.

For you that wants to:

  • Gather customer information, deals and campaigns in one place
  • Nurture long-term customer relationships
  • Scale and customise the system to your processes and complex flows
  • Let sales, marketing and support work in the same system
  • Follow up KPIs with statistics and reports
  • Add extra features and integrate with other IT systems

Valued by +80 000 users

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my contract?

The contract term length is 12 months after signing your contract.

How long is my period of notice?

Your period of notice is 60 days before your next contract term begins.

When do I get invoiced?

For Lime Go you get invoiced the first business day the next coming month after you’ve signed your contract. The invoice will be for 12 months, after that you’ll be invoiced yearly if nothing else has been agreed upon. For Lime CRM you’ll be invoiced in advanced and quarterly. Any consultation costs are invoiced retrospectively and monthly.

Can I change any part of my contract during the contract term?

You can always add more users, integrations or add-ons during your contract term. You can’t however remove users, integrations or add-ons during an active contract term, but it can be done when renewing your contract after the initial contract period.

Is customer support included in the price?

Yes! Customer support is included in all our contracts. Our customer support is available from 08.00-17.00 during normal business days.

What languages does the services support?

Lime Go is available in Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian. Lime CRM is available in Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finish, Dutch and German.

What's the difference between Lime Go and Lime CRM?

Lime Go is a Plug’n’Play solution perfect for small to medium sized businesses with a focus on sales and simple integrations. Lime CRM is perfect for medium to large size businesses that needs to connect different departments and systems in one solution. Lime CRM can be adapted to fit your specific needs and processes.

What's the best solution for me?

It depends on your industry, company size and workflows. Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect solution!

How fast can I be up and running?

Lime Go is a out-of-the-box solution that you can start using within minutes. For Lime CRM we’ll together go through which functions you need and from there figure out an implementation plan with a timeline that fits your company.

Is there a free version of the services I can use?

No, we don’t have a free version of Lime Go or Lime CRM. We do however offer free trial accounts so you can test the different solutions during a limited time. Try Lime Go here or Lime CRM here!

How secure are the services?

You should feel safe being our customer! You can trust us to always handle your important data the right way.

We’re ISO 27001 certified and all data that is sent to and from Lime Go and Lime CRM is encrypted and protected. We follow all the current and applicable laws such as GDPR in all the countries we’re active in. Our services are safe for both your company, your users and your customers.

Read more about our work with data security for Lime Go here and learn how we work with data security for Lime CRM here.

Do you have an app?

Both Lime Go and Lime CRM are web-based solutions, which means they work on any device with an internet connection. In other words, you don’t need a specific app to be able to access your customer data from your phone!

How does implementing Lime Go or Lime CRM work?

Read more about how we work with implementation for Lime Go here and for Lime CRM here.

Do you have any further questions?