Once upon a time you had to buy and install all software on a computer for each user that needed access to the program. It would take time and effort and you needed competent IT staff that could handle all the problems and issues that could arise during the installation.

With the birth of the internet and the fact that we’ve all gotten better bandwidth over time, these kind of old school “on premise” solutions are starting to disappear more and more. These days most companies use a cloudbased SaaS software or service instead.

What does SaaS mean?

The term SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”, in other words you don’t buy the software but instead pay for your usage over time. With a  cloudbased SaaS solution in place, you get your software from the cloud and don’t need to install it “on premise”, everything is handled online by the supplier of the SaaS service.

Cloudbased SaaS software can be anything from CRM systems to services for e-mail, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular websites and services on the Internet could be classified as a SaaS service, for instance Gmail, Netflix or Spotify.

What is “on premise”?

When talking about on premise it’s usually in reference to software installed on a local computer or server. You’re responsible for handling the installation, updates, licenses and daily upkeep of your software and infrastructure. That means you need capable IT staff on hand that can solve any technical issues if or when they appear.

With the arrival of cloudbased SaaS software and services, this kind of solution is steadily on the decline from most companies and consumers.

What are the benefits of a SaaS CRM system?

There are many reasons why the SaaS software model had become more dominant when it comes to how companies and consumers use software. So, what are the benefits, why are they so popular?

  1. It’s cost-effective. To use a cloudbased SaaS CRM system is a cost-effective solution for most companies. You don’t need to buy and install expensive “on premise” solutions, instead you get a steady monthly cost for using the service. It’s easy to budget your cost after your current needs and don’t need to pay expensive upfront costs for buying the software.
  2. You get regular updates. With a cloudbased SaaS CRM system you get access to regular updates and upgrades continuously. You get to enjoy all the perks of new functions when they become available instead of being stuck using an older version of the software or service.
  3. A cloudbased SaaS CRM system is easy to scale up. By using a cloudbased system you’ll have an easier time scaling up when the need arise and your company grows bigger. You don’t need to have costly licenses laying around that you’re not using.
  4. Always available. With the help of the internet you have access to your cloudbased software no matter where you are. That means you and your coworkers will be able to work and use your CRM system even if they’re working from home, in the office or are out visiting a customer. Flexibility at its best!
  5. Out-of-the-box integrations and add-ons. Most cloudbased SaaS CRM solutions comes with already working integrations and add-ons to the most popular programs and services. You don’t need to develop it yourself and can use the ready-made solution instead. It should be easy to add extra value to your CRM system, not the other way around!
  6. You don’t need to pay for the infrastructure. You don’t need your own servers or IT-staff to handle your infrastructure. With a cloudbased SaaS service, the responsibility for the upkeep falls on your supplier, so you can focus on what’s more important for your company instead.

What does CRM stand for?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and it’s a strategy companies can use to actively work on their customer relations over time.

With the help of a CRM system you get a powerful tool that gives you full control over your customer relations, helps you with your future customer prospecting and your sales and marketing strategies while also giving you a powerful solution for customer support and analysis.

In other words, a CRM system is a great investment in getting happier customers that wants to stay with your company over a longer period of time!

What benefits do you get with Lime CRM or Lime Go?

With Lime CRM and Lime Go you get a well known and safe CRM system from one of Sweden’s best CRM supplier! We know how CRM works and have been in the business for over 30 years.

Lime CRM and Lime Go both have a modern interface, configurable personal dashboards for every user and smart search functions. This makes it easier to get things done the right way. Both Lime CRM and Lime Go are available as a cloudbased solution through the web and can easily be reached from any place with an internet connection. If you have more complex software solution in place at your company today, we offer a ton of add-ons and out-of-the-box integrations, so you can connect all your available software in an easy way.

By using a CRM system, you’ll be able to keep track on all your customers and your customer data in one central spot. With all data available to you in a clean and easy to use interface, it’ll be easy to do analysis and follow up on your most important KPIs.

Do you want to know more about Lime CRM or Lime Go? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll guide you on your next step towards CRM greatness!

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