Starting point

When we came in contact with Syntell they had created complex Excel structures to manage important business processes, particularly for marketing and sales. One of the challenges with this approach was the difficulty of working together and making information available to everyone. Employees often constructed their own “CRM system” in Excel sheets locally. But when information is not available to others you could in worst case, call a potential customer whom your colleague called the day before. The basic needa was fairly simple; they wanted a user-friendly platform where people could gather and share information – to be able to work effectively with their business-critical processes.

Syntell also saw the need to make it easier to work with categorizations and monitor different segments of the market. They also wanted to be able to set goals, measure and monitor their sales.

Since Syntell educate hundreds of people every year need also a way to keep track of their training sessions and who participated on the course, and when.

Syntell identified the following needs:

  • Organize contacts and what they’ve said, done and promised
  • Keep better track of business/project pipe
  • Overall view of the organization; business, projects, trainings, staffing. With the customer in focus
  • Simple and searchable system
  • Reporting and follow-up opportunities

“Lime shows good understanding of our business needs. They saw our need for resource planning early on. Without us asking them, they built it into our Lime CRM solution, without going over the budget. That’s delivering more than you’ve promised. Nice! “

Daniel Falk, Head of Markets & Clients, Syntell

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Results: An overview of the business

Syntell is experiencing that it has become much easier to get an overview of the business. In Lime CRM they can get a full picture of how the project pipe and expected order intake looks, and thereby provide a better staffing forecasts.

Everyone has a clear picture of what projects are ongoing, who is responsible and what the project is about.

Lime CRM is widely used in daily operations, including the weekly meetings when they look at the business pipe; existing contracts and new business opportunities. A popular feature, which is used a lot, is that every employee can flag things in Lime that they want to bring up at the weekly meeting.

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About Syntell

Syntell is an independent consulting and education partner that offers proven concepts for optimizing customers’ ability to manage complex systems over their lifetime. They guarantee long-term effect through organizational development and training, and through direct project support from their expert consultants.