Smarter sales with a 360° overview

By having access to all customer data in one place, Lime CRM works as a one-stop shop for your sales team. Stay on top of your pipeline with a visual dashboard presenting your current activities, prospects, and critical KPIs.

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Send your documents directly from CRM with eSign and get notified when the recipient has done their part. It is the most efficient way of increasing the number of signed agreements – without all the paperwork.

With Lime BI you can easily get an overview of all your data in Lime CRM. Statistics suddenly becomes fun as it is displayed on visual dashboards.

Our KPI dashboard allows you to set targets on both the individual and team level. The visual overview makes it easy to track your progress over time.

Add Lime Forms on your website, and reap the benefits of getting structured data about your leads straight into your CRM.

Lime CPQ is the tool that streamlines your sales processes with accurate and professional quotes generated in just a few minutes.

Work easily with documents in CRM. Open the file in CRM and you’ll go straight to Word, Excel or PowerPoint online.

Create a seamless workflow by saving important conversations and customer meetings from Outlook. Check the backlog and add reminders for your next call.

Push your deals forward by using pipeline management with a visual progress bar, helping you to prepare for your next move.


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