Once upon a time, deep in a basement in Lund… Three maths geniuses, who became friends during their studies at the University of Technology, founded “Lundalogik” and were initially involved in assignment programming.

Why did we start working with CRM?

The company was performing well and attracting lots of new customers but the founders were struggling a bit to keep track of all the customers. (The truth is, they were really only interested in coding.)

The solution? They just went about designing a customer management system – as you do!

One day a customer was visiting and started to show interest in what one of the guys using the system was doing.

”That’s EXACTLY what I need!” the customer blurted out. Yes… and the rest is history!


The basement has long since been abandoned, we’re now spread across Sweden and we’ve refined the business to focus purely on customer care programmes and CRM.

Lundalogiks mäss-monter


The brand Lime is born as the CRM system Lime Pro is launched. It stands for “Lund Intelligent Magnet Experts”, or did someone make that up after the event?

Lime Pros logga, en lime-frukt


We launch our very own trainee programme, which today attracts thousands of applicants every year.

Ett gäng glada människor i grön miljö som poserar för kameran.


Hello Oslo & Helsinki! With two new markets, we have more than 75 employees and are proud of having already installed thousands of CRM systems.

Anställda i Göteborg poserar med en tavla. Limes kontor i Oslo.


A new product is born and introduced to the market. Allow us to introduce our new web-based sales tool: Lime Go!

Lime Gos' produktlogga, en orange pratbubbla med produktnamnet i.


Copenhagen can now offer CRM systems as well as hygge, as we open the doors to our new office there.

En karta över norden med utmärkta kontor.


Biggest in Sweden

#1 in CRM & Sales Support!

We overtake Microsoft and are now the biggest player on the Swedish CRM market.


We welcome RemoteX and Netoptions into the Lime Family. And we acquire Sparta the following year. With mobile case management, e-marketing and gamification, we are now able to create even more magic within customer care.

Olika devices med Limes mjukvara.


We leave the name Lundalogik behind us as we want our winning attitude to be reflected in our company name. We make it simple for ourselves – our name now is the same as our dearest asset: Lime.  In addition, we also ring the bell at Nasdaq Stockholm as we become a publicly listed company on the 6th December.

Lime Technologies logotyp med texten CRM with a twist undertill


We acquire parts of the companies Moreintenz and janjoo, which strengthen our customer offering in various ways.  We also announce that we will open an office in the Netherlands during 2020 and the preparatory work is in full swing…

Lime intenz logotyp


Hallo Utrecht! Now the office in the Netherlands is buzzing like never before. With our first office outside the Nordic Region under our belt, Lime has now stepped into Europe.


There’s a lot on this year – to say the least! Nils Olsson takes over the CEO position from Erik Syrén. We are proud to presenting our latest acquisition – Userlike, a German company. This is a natural entrance for us into the German market. We are opening the doors to our new office in Cologne.