What kind of flow do you need?

Fault reporting
Set up a channel to make it easy for your customers to report product and service issues. Having the Fault Report form linked to Lime CRM means information is collected in the system, which automatically generates a ticket. A requirement for this solution is that Lime CRM Case Management (Ticket handling) is used.

Request for quotation – RFQ
The RFQ-form is useful for businesses whose customers know exactly what they need. Once a RFQ has been submitted, a lead is generated in Lime CRM, including any attachments the customer has uploaded.

Contact Us
The Contact Us form is one of the most commonly used online forms. The form is a quick way of capturing new prospects via your webpage. Once the form is submitted it automatically generates a lead in Lime CRM for you to take swift action on.

Registrations of interest
This is a variation of Contact Us, with an option to add key words to identify what the submitter of the form is interested in. As is the case with RFQ, this form also generates a lead in Lime CRM.

Cases forms
This is an all-purpose form for a broad range of cases, allowing the customer to attach images, documents and more. The form creates an action in Lime CRM. This form can be used provided you already use Lime CRM Case Management (Ticket handling).

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