Right to be informed when personal data is processed

Use GDPR in Lime CRM to specify the purpose for your storage of personal data. For example, “We need to store customer data to be able to sell our products”. The type of consent you need to make available can be easily configured by the system administrator inside Lime CRM.

Right to be forgotten

On the customer’s request, you can easily “anonymise” a person and their personal data directly in Lime CRM.

Right to access and correction of data

When so requested, you must provide access to the personal data you store about that specific person. Use GDPR in Lime CRM to swiftly find a customer and send them a temporary link to a temporary website – the GDPR portal. The customer can then review and edit their personal data there.

The GDPR portal

The GDPR portal is where the customer gets access to all personal data stored about them in CRM, and where they can do the following:

  1. View their personal and related data.
  2. Edit certain data that then is synchronised with Lime CRM.
  3. Export personal data.

Incidents and data breaches

In the event of a personal data breach, you must inform all affected customers within 72 hours. Lime CRM has a built-in standard feature for mass-mailings, with which you quickly can contact all customers you believe are impacted by the breach.

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