Tailored for all needs and industries

Lime Forms can be adapted for a variety of processes. Some examples include: applications for second hand tenancies, signing of electricity and broadband contracts, RFQs for consultancy services, handling of complaints and machine maintenance services. The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Better data quality

There is always a high risk of human error when forms are hastily filled out and registered manually. That’s also true for digital forms with free text fields. Using digital Lime Forms is a great way of ensuring correct data is entered in the right fields straight away.

Why dynamic forms?

Correct forms

Carelessly filled-in forms that are entered manually, or digital forms with free text fields. All this is a cause for human error. With Lime Forms the digital forms are correctly filled out, straight from the start!

Improved customer satisfaction

Most customers dislike phone hours and prefer various types of self-service. So, let’s give them what they want. Using Lime Forms, your customers can manage their own cases, at the times and via the channels they prefer.

Less administration

Lime Forms can be signed immediately with BankID and all information is automatically uploaded to Lime CRM. This saves you an enormous amount of manual admin work, plus it’s good for the environment. And nothing risk getting lost in the mail.

Internal self-service

Easily manage different permits, simplify recruitment processes and digitalise things like inspections and other routines. Many internal forms can be replaced by Lime Forms and make administration much more streamlined.

Lime Forms at a glance

  • Responsive and platform-independent.
  • Can be integrated to both internal and external systems. Use the forms to do credit checks, search customer data and create cases/contracts straight in Lime CRM.
  • Large selection of form components. Build your forms with checkboxes, email fields, file uploads and much more.
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