Challenges in collecting sales data

As an importer of alcohol, Beverage Partners’ customers include liquor stores, wholesalers, retailers, individual restaurants and events. The high number of third parties in the industry makes it very difficult to obtain sales data on end-users. It is not publicly available, and competitors are reluctant to share it.

Due to challenges in accessing data, Beverage Partners monitors its activities using slightly different metrics than the ones used in other industries. This required customized components and metrics in Lime CRM to effectively track sales data.

Sales process development

A large part of Beverage Partners’ sales process takes place in the field, with salespeople visiting restaurants and other customers where they produce promotions to increase visibility and sales of alcohol products. Lime CRM helps salespeople collect customer and product data, so they always have information about product offerings and visibility at their fingertips.

Customer information is always available

Using the mobile version of Lime CRM on a tablet or smartphone, salespeople can enter customer data directly into the system while they are still in the field. This has made the work of salespeople much easier, as they no longer have to report separately after customer visits. Having all the information at their fingertips has increased sales representatives’ usage levels and the quality of customer data.

"Lime CRM is easy to use and feels modern."

Emppu Silander, Sales Activation Coordinator

Tailored solution to match existing processes

Lime CRM is tailored with just the right fields for data collection and reporting. This way, the system does not create a new sales process, but is built around existing ways of work.

Synchronization of marketing and sales

Because Lime CRM makes it easier to collect information about the customer base, marketing can also work more effectively. Marketing can actively produce material to support the sales process, as they can see customer needs in real time from reported data in  Lime CRM.

Data-driven decision making with Lime CRM

Lime CRM has made it possible to collect important data from the customer base and structure it brilliantly for all users. Beverage Partners’ Lime CRM tracks customer history, vendor visits, product visibility and campaign success, among other things. The information in Lime CRM helps salespeople, management and the entire company make decisions.

Salespeople see great benefits from using Lime CRM, as they can constantly monitor the status of their customers through product visibility and campaign success. They can also easily track their personal sales targets in the CRM. This allows them to prioritize correctly and make proactive sales efforts.

Management can use Lime CRM to improve sales management and set clearer goals for salespeople and the organization as a whole. Management gets holistic insight into product and employee performance and can use it to track key objectives.

At the corporate level, Beverage Partners is also moving strongly towards data-driven decision making. Their sister company also uses Lime CRM, which helps to harmonize practices. By using the same CRM, they can roll out new functionalities at the same time in both countries, bringing savings and synergies.

Developing solutions together with Lime

Lime employees have done their best to understand the laws and functionalities of alcohol importation in order to meet Beverage Partners’ needs in CRM development. All development requests have been answered honestly and together we have considered what functionalities can be built into the Lime CRM.

Lime being a local provider has made it simple to contact them and get a quick response, which has resulted in a close relationship between our companies. Beverage Partners has also challenged Lime’s staff and development team, working together to improve the product. We have created functionalities that other Lime CRM users have also had the opportunity to implement.

"It's been a pleasure to see that Lime is so dynamic that customers’ have a strong influence on the development of the final product."

Emppu Silander, Sales Activation Coordinator

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