Changes created new insights

As Veidekke faced new changes within the organisation, the need to find a better case management system became a priority. They were not satisfied with the existing solution, which lacked important functionality that resulted in customers not getting adequate response.

With customer and case information scattered across different IT systems, it was also difficult to get a clear overview of what needed to be done, and even more difficult to follow up.

For a new system to be considered, there were clear targets for what needed to be met:

  • A holistic view of the information: the new system would become the core of Veidecke’s future case management, where all customer and project information was gathered in one system. Whether you were a project manager, service technician or subcontractor, the right information should be available to you.
  • Clear and controlled processes: it must be easy for users to get it right from day one, so that all users follow the same structure. All the collected data should be used as a source of statistics to further develop the business and contribute to an even better customer experience.
  • Reduce manual administration: the new system should be able to integrate with other IT tools and minimise manual and time-consuming administration, such as importing information on customers, projects and objects.

A system designed for Veidekke

In the quest to find a new system, Veidekke made sure to do an extensive survey of different systems and suppliers, where the future users were involved in evaluating which solution they liked best. They needed something that was designed for the real estate industry and didn’t just offer a generic solution. In the end, they chose Lime CRM, which could be customised to their specific needs and was the only supplier that could meet all their expectations in terms of functionality.

Today, Lime CRM is used by everyone from service technicians and coordinators to subcontractors and project managers at Veidekke. One benefit of having an instant overview of key information is that it allows users to act quickly. With the integration to the financial system Agresso, Veidekke minimises duplication of work in two different systems.

“We can see that the quality of our cases is higher now than before. We now have the right information there from the start, which means we can turn our data in Lime CRM into knowledge for new projects in the long term.”

Jens Ekelund Rosberg, Business & Process Manager, Veidekke

The right conditions to keep developing

Veidekke sees a positive development and a number of positive results since the introduction of Lime CRM:

More efficient case management: one clear effect is that cases are dealt with much faster. Employees have more support in their work and better control over what is to be done, by whom, and when. Work order management is done through Lime Work Order and ensures that work orders can be handled by colleagues internally, as well as subcontractors out in the field.

KPI tracking with Business Intelligence: with Lime BI, they easily track KPIs that need to be met in order to achieve customer satisfaction. With a visual overview, they get instant knowledge and insights on how they are performing and what they should be working on to constantly improve and be the best they can be for their customers.

More structure and higher quality: Veidekke is experiencing a significant improvement thanks to a much more structured approach than before. The quality of cases is higher and the right information is in place from the start, which means that in the long term they can use the data in Lime CRM to gain experience for new projects.

Improved customer experience: customers now receive better and faster response with ongoing information and updates on what is happening in their case – regardless of which stage of the case process the customer is at.

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About Veidekke

Veidekke is one of Scandinavia’s largest construction companies with headquarters in Oslo. The company was founded in 1936 and is today characterised by a strong corporate culture where commitment and involvement are important for the success of the business.

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