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CPQ – the easy way to sell more 

Configure, Price, Quote

Lime CPQ is a tool that simplifies the sales process, by generating accurate quotes in a quick and automated way. It calculates prices and costs based on the choices you make. Add articles, give discounts and see the margin profit calculated in real time for individual product lines.

With a CPQ tool, you avoid sending quotes back and forth because they lack information. This takes time for both the salesperson and the customer and can ultimately lead to a loss of trust in you as a company.

6 reasons to why you should use a CPQ tool

  1. Quick and easy – time is money
  2. Keep track of your margins
  3. Consistent and professional design
  4. Reduces the administrative burden
  5. Error-free quotations orders
  6. Increased revenue

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More time to close deals

Let salespeople do what they do best and add the most value: Finding new customers and closing more deals. Lime CPQ provides them with more time to do just that, by reducing administrative tasks.

However, Lime CPQ is not just a solution for smarter selling. It’s a way for your whole company to strive for seamless processes that require minimal effort but produce high-quality results. The key words for every company’s way of working should be to work smarter – not necessarily harder. A CPQ tool is a key player to that solution.

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Adding CPQ to CRM increases profitability

By integrating your ERP system, all your articles are automatically synced. This means you don’t have to spend time on manually updating them in your Lime CRM. Of course, all the data needed is included, such as price and profit margins. Which details the final quote for the customer contains is up to you.

By using Lime eSign, you can get your contract signed in the fastest possible way. The signed document is automatically stored in Lime CRM.

In Lime BI, you can follow up on the performance of your quotes. How often have you won the deal, how much discount have you given and what has this meant for your ARR? With access to analysable data, it becomes clearer how to move forward.

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Features of Lime CPQ

Lime CPQ gives your sales team an easy-to-use tool, accessible on any device with a cloud-based platform. Seamlessly integrated in Lime CRM, you get all the data you need to make the smartest, most accurate decisions. You control what information that is included in the quote to the customer.

Lime CPQ considers customisations such as quantities and discounts, allowing sales reps to create an accurate quote in a quick and easy way. To make the most out of Lime CPQ, use our ERP-connector and Lime eSign.

With Lime CPQ you will get a neat template that you can easily personalise with your logo, images and text. And if you prefer to build a completely unique template, that’s no problem.

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