Effective workorders and close cooperation

Lime Field is a mobile workorder management system that can be interfaced to Lime CRM. Resources, checklists, approvals, time reporting and statistics – Field manages it all and makes your cases management seamless! It can’t get more streamlined than this!

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The Add on Lime Field used in ipad

Why mobile cases management?

Happier customers

Your customers want their problems to be solves as quickly and smooth as possible. With Field add-on to Lime CRM your business will not only increase speed, but also increase the quality with a collected workflow.

Increased profitability

Field will improve your companys resource planning and increase efficiency, thanks to the office and field working together. This will in turn make the cost per ticket/project sink and profitability increase.

Quick follow-up

With Field add-on to Lime CRM you can put your time on more important things than gathering excel lists and draw graphs. All data from the weekly, monthly or yearly tickets/projects are already in one place. A few button clicks and you have the statistics availible.

This is how Lime Field and Lime CRM work

  1. Customer service – or the customer via forms/customer portal – registers a case in Lime CRM.
  2. The case is submitted to the correct person straight away, or a resource plan is set up and a work order is created in Lime Field.
  3. All material required is sent to a technician in the field and/or a subcontractor, who registers case status, time, material, pictures and other information.
  4. All supporting documentation is sent to Lime CRM or your business system for invoicing. The customer is informed that the problem has been solved. The case is closed in Lime CRM.
  5. Statistics and reports on completed works are stored in Lime Field, awaiting analysis.

Field can obviously also handle internal routines and repeated work. Workorders can be created and scheduled automatically, for example systemic fire prevention work and safety walk-arounds.

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