Growing needs with freedom in mind

Before The Rollup-King started using Lime Go in 2017, the company had not had any customer and prospect management for several years. Since it had not been working with processing or outreach sales, they simply had not found a need for a CRM system. But as the e-commerce company hired both inside and outside salespeople, the need grew.

They quickly realized that they wanted a cloud-based solution, so that their salespeople could work freely on both desktop and mobile when they were on the move. Lime Go became the obvious choice.

Kille som ler kameran

"Lime Go is a very simple and user-friendly system. We feel that it helps us a lot in our daily work and we get full control of our business and customers."

Axel Hermansen, Rollup-Kungen

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Effective prospecting with call lists

Rollup-King now tags their customers by who come in via the website and can thus quickly assign them to different sellers. It also works actively with call lists, which are very useful for the sales staff. The fact that the call lists are directly linked to Bisnode is seen as a great advantage and the salespeople can obtain quality lists of new potential customers.

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About The Rollup-King

Rollup-Kungen (The is a Swedish e-commerce company that originally manufactured rollups, but then grew and now also manufactures beach flags, trade fair walls and banners, among other things. The exhibition material is manufactured directly in their own factory in Sweden and a very efficient production flow guarantees fast deliveries.