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The digital agency Taylerd has used Lime Go from the very beginning. Sales have been crucial for the company since it was founded, and Taylerd needed a system to process new clients, target the right customers and work more efficiently. One of the founders of Taylerd encountered Lime when working for a previous employer, and couldn’t think of a better system or solution than Lime Go to meet his new company’s needs.

Taylerd required the following features to get to market quickly and find the right customers:

  • Target the right customers
  • Make customer processing more efficient
  • Organise business information in one place

“We really recommend Lime Go – especially for small and medium-sized new businesses who don’t currently have a CRM solution and are wondering how to deal with sales. Having the right tools makes it so much easier. A good system makes sales seamless and prevents problems.”

Philip Hägglund, CEO, Taylerd 2021

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New business opportunities and easier follow-up

For Taylerd, Lime Go has contributed to increased productivity and less wasted time. The core functionality of the system really works for them and focuses on what is needed to improve sales and processing of new customers.

Since the beginning, Lime Go has generated good results for several of Taylor’s business processes:

New business opportunities: Taylerd found that the majority of their customers have come to them thanks to Lime Go.

Increased productivity: They don’t need to waste time chasing up unnecessary leads and can instead focus on key customers.

Better customer targeting: Taylerd can access company information directly from Bisnode in Lime Go, and doesn’t need to find customers manually or purchase lists.

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About Taylerd

Taylerd is a digital agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses grow using digital marketing with specially designed solutions. Taylerd’s head office in Stockholm, and the company works with customers all over Sweden.