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Your customers, deals & campaigns in one place

With Lime CRM we have created a CRM system that you will actually use. It includes everything you expect from a CRM: contacts, history notes, to-dos, ticketing management, deals and marketing activities. But Lime CRM can do so much more.

Solutions for every department

We know what you need if you work in sales, marketing or support. Therefore, we have combined the most effective tools, and packaged them in a smart way based on different business roles. The best way to either kick-start your CRM journey, or add to your existing Lime CRM for that extra muscle.


For those smooth and proactive workflows, with all customer data in one place.


All you need to generate high quality leads, build relationships and manage campaigns.


The ultimate tools for delivering the best customer experience with seamless ticketing management.

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"We went from 17 to 7 systems with Lime CRM."

Karin Persson, Process Developer, Öresundskraft AB

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Packaged industry expertise

Explore our packaged solutions, developed from years of experience to solve your industry-specific CRM needs.

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Real estate

Vindkraftverk på grön/gula åkrar


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Integrate more

Are you using other IT tools in your daily work? No problem! Lime CRM can be integrated with most systems. This gives you a complete customer overview from one place.

Administer the system yourself

Lime CRM must fit your operations seamlessly. That’s why you are free to administer users, add or remove fields, control permissions and apply changes. That’s what you should expect from a flexible CRM solution. In our opinion anyway!

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Techno-geeks, are we?

Read more about APIs, webhooks, safety, hosting and other technology matter linked to Lime CRM. Have a look at our page for IT managers.

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Curious about CRM?

Learn more about what CRM means, how to choose a CRM system and other frequently asked questions on our CRM.

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