15% technology + 85% behaviour = 100% success!

Did you know that 85% of the challenges perceived by CEOs in CRM implementations are related to behaviours and processes?

Only 15% of the challenges are linked to technology, according to a report by Forrester.

That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to your CRM journey.

• Ring-fence projects to allow all users to get started.
• Project meetings focused on behaviours and processes.
• Gamification during the implementation turns change into something fun.
• Couching opportunities from behaviour experts and workshops.
• Adaptations and usage are followed by customer success.

How we work

We can help you create the right kinds of behaviour

How do you get staff members to be proactive and to change their ways of working? How do you create commitment and understanding of the behaviours that need to change in the future? Our behaviour experts will develop a unique plan for you and your colleagues based on what your needs are.

Change management


When you want to improve your knowledge about how to lead change and the methods that are available for e.g. CRM implementation.

Suitable for?

Management teams and managers.

Proposed content:

• Behaviour as competitive edge
• How to lead staff members through change
• How behaviours impact on the company’s results
• How to create a proactive corporate culture
• Planning and prioritising during change

A proactive corporate culture


When you want to create a proactive corporate culture throughout the entire organisation to e.g. boost usage of and commitment to a CRM system.

Suitable for?

Staff members and managers.

Proposed content:
• Behaviour as competitive edge
• Proactive vs. reactive behaviours
• Individual behaviour vs. results
• Boost customer satisfaction with proactivity
• How the right culture leads to value-creating customer work

Hard to know what you need?

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Gamification turns change into something fun

Introduce a gamification platform where participants are rewarded with points for certain behaviours. Linking it to Lime CRM creates fun and result-driven competitions, helping you to engage staff members, boost the use of the system, and change old habits.

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