The initial meetings

Identifying needs, getting internal buy-in for your CRM project and evaluating suppliers is no easy task. Our CRM experts are more than happy to share best practice from other companies, answer your questions and help you set the structure for a successful project.

Clarifying your objectives and to make them measurable will help you understand the operational value of your CRM system. It also reduces the risk of something going seriously wrong. Together, we will define the problems that really need solving!

Resolving to go ahead with the investment and ensuring all decision makers have the same understanding of the benefits the investment brings. That’s critical for the process as it moves forward. We are happy to help justify the investment and provide examples of how different decision makers and their teams will benefit from Lime CRM.

Features and areas of application are different in different CRM systems. Even work processes and implementations are different. Make sure you have discussions with us and other suppliers to identify the solution that works best for you!

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“Lime CRM is modern, fast and easy to use, and it is easy to get familiar with. In addition, we really find Lime to be a company that understood our business, they provided a lot of useful input and most of all: they sold us a complete system, not heaps of consulting hours.”

Peter Sandell, Head of Sales and Contracts, HSB Malmö

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When you become a customer of ours

This is when all the fun starts – you are about to get your own Lime CRM! The foundation is the same for all companies; however, to make sure we meet your unique needs, we add a twist of Lime just for you. Our project leaders pull the levers and our application consultants ensure that all the techy bits fall into place.

The launch meetings are where we prepare the project. Purpose and objectives are established, a project team is formed, and we agree to a detailed plan. Once the technical work is in full swing, we hold regular project meetings to ensure everything is on track and that we keep focused on the next step in the project.

Your CRM solution is developed in close collaboration between our CRM experts and your project team. The technical configuration evolves in stages and as we move into the test period, you will be able to ensure everything runs like clockwork before we go live with the system.

User training sessions are held during the final stage of the project: at least one session for super users and at least one for other users. Once the training sessions are complete, you are ready to go live with Lime CRM and you will now start using the system – for real.

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Use and adapt

Once your CRM project is completed, reality starts. We are available for technical support and we will follow up to see how you are doing. Should you need help with behavioural change, to further adapt the system or if you require more training, then no problem… we’ll take care of it!

Our CRM experts on the support team are available during business days and they solve 70% of all cases during the initial contact. Simply contact them via the chat function or give them a call if you encounter any technical hiccups or if you have any queries.

Behavioural change is required for a CRM system to provide optimal results. That’s where we can help! Either during or after the implementation stage. Using various tools and activities, we help you create a proactive, customer-focused corporate culture.

We are with you for the long run and we can help you grow, on your terms. Users can be added or removed as you go and we can adapt your Lime CRM system as your needs change, for example with new add-ons and more integrations.

It must be easy and fun to use Lime CRM. That’s why we regularly arrange webinars, training sessions and customer catchups for our users. Keep an eye on the customer page and the inbox!

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“User training and customer support is something Lime does really well. Their amazing support team as well as their extensive digital training material make everything really easy for me as an administrator, and the same goes for my workmates. The outcome is a CRM system that people actually use.”

Pernilla Axflo, Analyst, Curonova Consulting

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Support recommended by 98.7%

A great CRM and fine customers deserve great service and follow-up. If you call us, our customer service will usually respond within two to three signals. This may be one of the reasons why 98.7% of 4 297 people in our customer survey recommend others to contact our customer service.

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