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Working with B2B sales involves a number of challenges. Ensuring sales people are on top of sales, also when they are out in the field, is one of them. Another is to make the right decision and to act fast in order to maximise sales, based on current statistics. This is where Lime CRM comes into play.

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Lime CRM as sales support

Customer overview

A comprehensive and clear view of your customers in one user-friendly system. See budgets, outcomes and activities in one place. Get a 360-degree view of the customer.


With an integration to your business system, you’re able to collect sales statistics, order information, invoices and all other customer related data. Everything in one system.

Campaign management

Campaign management in Lime CRM gives you an exact ROI on each individual trade fair and an opportunity to do targeted mailings. All follow-ups are obviously done directly in the system.

Sales management

Classification and customer potential in one view. Distinguish between value-creating meetings and those that are simply “coffee breaks” with no value-add. Then prioritise.

Smash the budget!

Encourage your sales guys to better results and blow the sales budget out of the water. Gamification makes it easy.

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Hot or not?

Qualify your deals effectively with e-mail campaigns. Incorporate strategic links and review who is clicking on what.

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Sales experts with a passion for B2B

We have delivered many CRM solutions to sales-driven organisations over the years. Mediq, Würth Industri Sverige, Malux and Swedol, just to mention a few. And we have 30 years of our own sales experience. We are now keen to help your company.

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You can also become an expert

With over 30 years of experience, we know most things within sales support, case management, campaign management and CRM related stuff. We are happy to share our knowledge with you! In our posters, you can, for example, read more about how a CRM system can simplify your everyday life and how to succeed with your CRM project. Everything for free, of course.

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