“With Lime we got a great CRM-system and a new CRM process that led to an increase in the retention rate in the first year – from 25% to 40%.”

Caroline Nygren, Project Manager, BMW Financial Services

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Every dollar counts

Lime CRM is designed to make your work easier and more fun. Exactly what ROI you will achieve depends on where and how the system is implemented. On average, however, you get your money back eight times when you implement CRM (Nucleus Research O128).

Here are a few examples from our customers:

• 60% higher retention rate – BMW Financial Services

• Double net sales in 5 years – Indra Navia

• 66% faster onboarding for customer service – Öresundskraft

• 20 hours less administration per week – ProfilGruppen

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30 years’ experience behind us

We have helped companies become better in sales, customer care and customer service since 1990. We have learnt a lot from thousands of CRM projects, and we are happy to share that knowledge with you: we give you tips about best practices, we answer questions and we guide you in the right direction.
In other words, we make sure you succeed with your CRM project!

• 1,000 CRM implementations each year

• 4,500+ customers

• 30 years’ experience of CRM, sales and customer care

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Top-rated local support

Challenging key selections and waiting for days? No thanks, we say! At Lime, you get instant assistance, whenever you need help. That’s probably why 98.7% of our customers say they would recommend others to contact our support.

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