Automatic follow-up of activity goals

Lime Go continuously compares your team’s sales activities with your goals, allowing you to get a quick understanding of which goals are on track – and which aren’t. Updated on a daily basis!

  • Set activity goals for sales calls and sales meeting for each staff member.
  • Graphic bar charts show the work progress and the rate of goal achievement.
  • View statistics per day, week, month, quarter, year or your own defined period.
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Sales pipeline for accurate projections

Does your team submit a lot of proposals, but with only a few being qualified? Or the other way around? Work with pipeline management in Lime Go to achieve more even sales.

  • Visual sales pipeline matched to the different steps of the sales process will disclose any imbalances.
  • Filter on expected order date and view the pipeline for a specific month or quarter.
  • Total and weighted values provide projections about upcoming sales.
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Data-driven sales with campaign outcomes

Lift your team to new heights! Create campaigns for different segments and compare the results. Make conclusions, optimise your methods, and improve your future hit rate – everything is easy with Lime Go.

  • Create segments based on geographical areas, net sales etc.
  • View outcome from the team’s call campaigns in a clear graph.
Chat with our sales experts

”I was disappointed with other CRM systems. There was far too much administration around the sales activities. I decided to buy a Lime Go license. Now everyone in the sales organisation uses it.”

Sebastian Hjortsberg, KAM & Partner Responsible, Visma Financial Solutions

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