Find new business opportunities

We want to make it easy for you to grow your business and find new business opportunities, but we know that it can be a struggle. To help you find new customers, Lime Go has several tools to take you to the next level. Our top three ways to find new business opportunities are with 1) Prospecting filters, 2) 3.7+ Nordic Company Data and 3) Visual financial data! It’ll give you access to thousands of companies, help you sort out your customers based on your needs and give you all customer information. You’ll find your dream customers and grow your business in no time!

Streamline your processes

We want to help you create a safe and simple customer journey. With the help of Lime Go you can create your own structure when working on different processes. Our three features; 1) Sales dashboard, 2) Multiple pipelines for deals and projects and 3) Deals, Insights, and Pipe Management can help you boost your sales and create structure both internally and externally. Find out how you and your team perform, manage your projects, and adapt your pipelines to fit your team. Create an incredible collaboration between the departments and deliver to your customers!

Strengthen your customer relations

Proactive behavior beats reactive behavior every day! We therefore want to give you the opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships. Engage with your customers with the help of our three features; 1) Newsletter, 2) Smart reminders, and updates, and 3) Calendar Sync & Email Save. Reach out to your customers with interesting news or get on top of your to-dos with our smart reminders. Connect your calendar to Lime Go and ensure good time management – for both you, your team, and customers. Let Lime Go remind you to be proactive, create winning behavior within your team and strengthen your customer relationships!

We solve your problems

Are you looking for a data enriched CRM system that suits your business? Try Lime Go for free today!

Lime Go

fr 39 €

Per month and user. Minimum 3 users.

For you that wants to:

  • Save time targeting new customers
  • Choose from a database with 3.7 million Nordic companies directly in the system
  • Visualize your sales pipeline
  • Create visually appealing emails
  • Make decisions based on data
  • Integrate with other IT tools
  • Get started quickly