Make your other systems update Lime CRM

Zapier makes most other systems run seamlessly with Lime CRM. Use Zapier for things like:

  • Tickets are generated in Lime CRM based on Zendesk chats.
  • Sync event registrations from Google Forms in Lime CRM.
  • Generate leads in Lime CRM based on Apsis conversations.

Make Lime CRM update your other systems

The connection between your services work the other way as well. Obviously! Use triggers in Lime CRM for things like:

  • Send out e-mails/Slack messages when a deal registers as a done deal in Lime CRM.
  • Add new activities to your Trello board in Lime CRM.
  • Sync your campaign participants in Lime CRM using newsletters in Mailchimp.

Triggers, Actions and Zaps

Simply put, Zapier creates triggers in software A, which leads to a specific action in software B. So-called “Zaps” – the actual connection between the triggers and the actions – are then used. Well, enough about the tech stuff – you mainly need a Zapier account and then we’ll do the rest for you!

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