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Why maps is a great way forward for Real Estate

4 benefits for you working in Real Estate

1. Helpdesk and work order management

What is the area around the property like? How does the facade look? Can we reach it with the crane truck and can we park outside? Wonder no more – with Maps, you’ll know. By selecting Google Street View, you’ll get a good picture of the actual surroundings, of course without having to leave the Lime CRM interface.

Finished a work order earlier than expected? Use Maps to find another pending work order nearby.

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2. Mobilise resources

By filtering properties with more than 3 late work orders, for example, you can quickly see that the east area is busy, but the central area is less so. With a visual overview, you are able to see where the problems are and reallocate resources from one area to another.

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3. Customer Satisfaction

Make it easier to act on your annual Net Promoter Score survey. Using Maps, you can understand in which properties or areas your tenants are the most – and least – satisfied. Analyse correlations between areas and turn your findings into actions that will have an impact on your business.

4. Identify sales opportunities

Filter all customers who have not yet purchased a particular service from you and choose to display them in Map view. Being able to see geographically where the customers you want to reach are located will help you plan your campaign more effectively, perhaps it’s a service you only offer in certain areas. If you need to go out and visit your customers, it also helps to see where they are geographically located.

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