The first contact

How do you and your colleagues work with sales today? How can a sales tool streamline your work? Our CRM experts are eager to share best practices from other companies, respond to inquiries and run a demo of how Lime Go works.

Can Lime Go solve your sales issues? Is there a need for customisation or integration? Our sales experts are your sounding board and they are here to answer your questions on technology, features and processes when you are comparing different sales tools.

Our sales experts are happy to demonstrate how Lime Go works and how to use it to get the most optimal outcomes. The demo can be done either via a web link or as a classic face-to-face meeting.

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“Lime Go is a CRM system that our staff quickly learnt how to use, and it has saved us both time and money.”

Joel Frick, Market Manager Trädgårdsproffsen

When you become our customer

The first thing we do is to migrate your customer and business information to Limo Go and to ensure that things work from a technical perspective. We will then book a meeting for system launch and training.

To ensure no critical customer and business information is lost, we migrate your existing customer information into the system. The only thing needed is an Excel file! The information is mapped against the data in Lime Go and any duplicates are deleted by our consultants.

System launch and training can take anywhere from 1 hour up to 8 hours, depending on the needs of your colleagues and you. The longer session includes more time for sales training and more advanced configuration, such as integrations via Zapier.

Chat with us
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Get started with Lime Go

After the system launch, you just keep going! We are here to guide and help you in case you are unsure about anything.

Using Lime Go must be easy and fun. That’s why we have developed a useful FAQ to assist in your day-to-day operations, and we have created webinars for certain focus areas.

Our amazing support team is available during business hours and they solve 90% of all cases already during the first contact. They are here to help you if you encounter any technical problems!

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Support recommended by 98.7%!

Our local support team solves over 90% of all incoming Go cases already during the first contact. This may be one reason why 98.7% of 4,297 people in our 2018 customer survey responded that they would recommend others to contact our customer service.

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