With 30 years of experience within the CRM business, we understand that you want to see quick results when growing your business. That’s why we have made it super-easy to get started with Lime Go.

5 steps to get started

Kickstart your Lime Go journey with 5 simple steps. Effortlessly onboard and optimize your CRM experience through data migration, onboarding preparation, onboarding and education, processes and strategy, as well as adoption and follow-up. 

Data migration

Effortlessly migrate your data to Lime Go using Excel, business systems, and integrations, or start fresh for a streamlined customer management experience.

  • Excel 
  • Business systems (ERP) and integrations 
  • Clean start (1.7M companies included) 

Onboarding preparation

Prepare for your onboarding by configuring your application and participating in pre-calls with your super admin before involving the rest of the team, ensuring a smooth and tailored integration process. 

  • Application configuration
  • Pre-call to align purpose  
  • Survey for onboarding preferences 

Onboarding and education

Explore our diverse education plans for seamless onboarding, ensuring risk-free implementation and maximizing potential through integrations. 

  • Education (see our different education plans)
  • Ensure risk-free implementation 
  • Integrations 

Processes and strategy

Optimize your CRM with goal setting, new processes, and strategic internal follow-up for enhanced business efficiency. 

  • Set goals
  • Set new processes and strategy 
  • Internal follow-up 

Adoption and follow-up

Maximize your CRM adoption with check-ins, extended education, and customizable configurations for tailored success.

  • Check-in 
  • Extended education 
  • Customize and modify configuration 

Yearly education plans

Extra large
Education for all users
The number of education hours

15 min

2 hours

4 hours

8 hours

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