Integrate Visma eEkonomi with
Lime Go

A smooth workflow is vital for success in business. Integrate Lime Go and Visma eEkonomi to streamline processes and free your team from administrative tasks, saving time and resources.

Seamlessly synchronize customer data between Visma and Lime Go. When a salesperson completes an order, Lime Go automatically generates a customer and an invoice draft in Visma. The finance department approves and sends the invoice to the customer, and when it’s paid, Lime Go updates the invoice, thus reducing administrative time through automation.

It’s quick and easy to integrate your Visma account with Lime Go. The synchronization process ensures that any changes are made automatically and reflected in both systems, eliminating the need for manual updates.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on Settings -> Integrations -> ERP
  3. Choose Visma eEkonomi and what should be synchronized in terms of companies/businesses and whether you want to create orders/invoices in Visma eEkonomi
  4. Choose between Standard and Premium synchronization
  5. Click “Activate” – a new tab will open, and you will be redirected to Visma eEkonomi
  6. Done!

Integrate Visma eEkonomi and Lime Go today

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